Vulcanized Forbon Tubes

FORBON vulcanized fibre tube is similar in characteristics and general properties to sheet fibre. Tubes are manufactured by winding chemically treated paper on mandrels to the desired wall thickness. They are then pured, dried, rolled, ground and sanded. This manufacturing process gives fibre tube a slightly higher density than sheet fibre.

Vulcanized fibre tubes have good mechanical and dielectric strength, arc resistance, arc quenching characteris-tics, and excellent machining, forming and spinning qualities.

Fuse cartridges, plugs, insulators, liners,
grommets, and bushings.

Grey, black, red, white

Approximately 2′ long for inside diameters up to 3/8″. Approximately 4′ long for inside diameters over 3/8″.

I.D (in) Wall thickness (in.)
from to from to
1/8 7/32 1/32 1/8
1/4 7/16 1/32 3/16
1/2 1-1/4 1/32 1/4
1-3/8 1-7/8 1/16 1/4
2 2-7/8 1/8 5/16
3 4-7/8 1/8 1/2