WELCOME TO ELE – GLOBAL    Authorized supplier of NVF products..

Vulcanized Forbon – an enviromental safe and versatile product for over 100 years…

If you are looking for Fuse cartridges, plugs, insulators, liners, grommets, and bushings, then ELE – GLOBAL Fibre Tubes are your answer! NVF and Ele Global provides you with over 50 years of setting the electrical standards testing and inspection of vulcanized fibre to meet your specifications. Testing Lab on site and in the USA.

Vulcanized fibre tubes and rods have good mechanical and dielectric strength, arc resistance, arc quenching characteristics, and excellent machining, forming and spinning qualities.

Phenolite Tubes and Sheets

Combination Tubes for fuse liners in cut outs. Full length tubes and fabrication to customer requirements

Your source for Ele Yorkite®  and Yorkite Veneer.  Yorkite  has a number of applications:

(Yorkite® Veneer can be glued, printed, sanded, stained, finished to suit, like wood)

Crossband, or sub-veneer: Used as a protective and balancing layer between thin wood veneers and the board substrate. Yorkite helps balance 5 ply laminates and keep irregularities in the substrate board from showing through the thin natural veneers, and ensure thorough bonding of the veneer to the board. Usually .020”-.030”

Veneer Backer: Used to glue fragile veneers to so that they can be sheeted, handled and glued to substrate board without cracking and splitting. Can also be used as the base to lay up and glue together decorative veneer faces. Usually .010” to .020”

Panel Backer: Used as the rear or back side of a 3 ply veneered panel. Real wood veneer applied to the front, Yorkite applied to the back to balance and stabilize the panel. Usually .020”-.025”.

Paintable Surface: Used as surface veneer for painted or lacquered finished furniture pieces. Can be sanded, and used in fronts and backs of the panels. Adds strength and stability.

Laminate Strengthener: Yorkite can be added as a strengthening layer wherever wood laminations are used. Yorkite has very high tensile strength, which improves physical strength (flexural, bursting, tensile) of most wood laminations used in sporting equipment, seating, structures.

Competitive products used include printed vinyl films, printed metal foils, phenolic coated papers, high pressure laminates, glued papers, natural low cost wood veneers (poplar, etc.)